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by | Sep 26, 2014 | ISDN

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJohn Bisset of Telos Alliance was at the table next to mine at Faffcon 7’s “meet the sponsors” event.  I didn’t have a lot of time to talk to him other than to mention that I owned an XStream codec…then we were both off to talk to people visiting our displays.  He seemed like an affable, knowledgeable fellow (that’s him in the black shirt next to Steve Cunningham).

Telos is synonymous with ISDN in my world.  That’s probably my fault.  I’m sure it’s a big company with lots of products.  I have a high estimation of the quality of their devices…I just wonder how long they’ll be around, ’cause ISDN is slowly disappearing…right?

Well, to hear Telos tell it, they practically invented an IP solution.  In fact, they call it AoIP (Audio over Internet Protocol). 

“…AoIP technology has achieved critical mass….”  That from an an interview with Greg Shay, Chief Science Officer at Telos, who goes on to offer answers in a Q&A –NEVER ONCE — mentioning the four letters ISDN!

The interview is certainly worth a read on the  Telos Alliance Blog.  To be fair, the entire Telos claim to have developed AoIP is made in the context of a broadcast environment, and nowhere are voice-actors mentioned in the article.  Sound familiar?

Interesting that AudioTX is also alla sudden touting their IP solution, even though they built their company on ISDN.  See or my recent blog article mentioning AudioTX: “AudioTX Rebirth“.

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