AudioTX Rebirth

by | Sep 12, 2014 | ISDN

audiotx.pngWhen I first got into ISDN, I connected through AudioTX.  Not that many people are familiar with it. 

AudioTX is a UK firm with a 14-yr track record in connectivity.  The equipment is nothing like a Telos or Musicam codec.  No box at all.  You get a dongle, some software, and then you have to purchase a terminal adaptor and an ISDN modem.  I kept having issues with it…probably due to the fact that with the AudioTX configuration, the computer does a lot of the heavy lifting, and at the time, I had an old, slow computer.

I most recently wrote about AudioTX earlier this year when they were touting their STL-IP technology.

Right  now, my AudioTX rig is collecting dust.  But a friend reminded me about AudioTX last night.  Natalie Cooper — my Brit friend who was just visiting here in the US last month — sent me a link to an article about AudioTX written by a Piers Gibbon.

Piers lays out the advantages of the AudioTX system including:

  • using it as a phone patch (Telephone Balance Unit he calls it)
  • using it as a low-res VOIP solution
  • using it as a hi-res IP recording solution
  • using it as a convenient distance-recording mobile unit with your laptop 
  • taking advantage of the 10,000 AudioTX global directory
  • lossless recording
  • higher quality than ISDN

Piers also runs down a comparison of how AudioTX stacks up against more recent contenders in the field: ipDTL, Source-Connect, NOW, Skype, SoundStreak, and others, and expresses some compelling arguments for reconsidering AudioTX in this arena.

See Piers Gibbon’s article:  AudioTX Review: Global Directory and lossless VoIP quality, free upgrade 1.7




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