StudioBricks: Lego’s on Steroids

by | Aug 28, 2014 | VO Business

studiobricksA professional recording studio will cost you some money.  A good one, anyway.

And by that I mean one that keeps the bad noise out, the good noise in, and preferably has fresh circulated air.  Of course there’s more to a good audiobooth than that, but I’m not the expert at this…Stéphane Brochu IS.

 Stéphane is the North American point-of-contact for StudioBricks, a fairly new contender in the studio recording booth market.  Stéphane is located in Montreal, Quebec, but the headquarters of StudioBricks is in Spain.  However with a global reach, StudioBricks is becoming a popular alternative to a host of contenders in this space already. 

Unique to the design is a set of pre-sized cubes (or blocks) that are delivered as a package of dis-assembled units, and your duty as a new owner is to put it all together.  New StudioBrick booth owners I’ve talked to swear by the quality of its construction, and feel all the promises made by the company are well-founded.  Some of those promises are (from the website):

  • Modules with outstanding acoustic properties
  • Height-adjustable Silent Blocks flooring to level out uneven wooden floor boards, etc.)
  • Components are lightweight, 14 cm wide and quick to slot together
  • No screwing or gluing, the components simply slot together so there are no obvious joins.
  • Space-saving
  • Various sounds can be achieved using the adjustable Vicoustic Wave Wood acoustic panels (
  • Quality insulating materials ensure excellent soundproofing
  • CNC-controlled machinery guarantees high standards of quality
  • Affordable standard solutions and customised solutions
  • Customer service in national language
  • Short lead times
  • Advice on planning and logistics

Stéphane’s website is here:

He says the advantages of dealing with his company are:

• Same North American time zones.
• Understanding of the differences between European and American business.
• Solid technical background in all types of audio recording (Music, film, TV, album, video games, etc.)
• Technical support over skype as well by phone. It is possible to reach me after business hours via automatic voicemail system.
• Technical support in English, Spanish or French.
• Source Element Source Connect resources.

I’ll just say this about StudioBricks.  There are a lot of good home recording booths available, but when I finally move out of my 2nd-floor closet…this’ll be the one I choose.

Below, please watch a interview I did just yesterday with Stéphane touching on a number of factors that sold HIM on the StudioBricks product, and why he decided to become their rep in North America.

Thanks, Stéphane!





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