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by | Aug 14, 2014 | Published Articles

emFor months, I used to share the contents of EQ magazine here on my blog.  My subscription was free, and the publishers didn’t seem to mind. 

Even then, the target reader audience was musicians, music producers, studio engineers, and audiophiles.  While that may seem to us voice-actors to be a bit off-the-mark, the content of the magazine time and time again was spot-on for the concerns of a technically-adept voice actor.

Since then, EQ magazine changed its name to Electronic Musician, and my enthusiasm soured.  I was even a little resentful.  At one point, I reached out to the editorial staff and offered to write a column strictly for the voice acting niche within their monthly editions.  The response was less than enthusiastic.

But I’m back with the online version of EM today, because at its heart, the publication is still high quality, and it’s packed with content and pertinent articles that are a benefit to any serious voice actor.  On top of that, the magazine has one of the slickest online digital presentations I’ve ever seen.  The pages turn and even make a sound WHEN they turn.  Or you can hop to any page at will, and zoom to size.

This month’s edition has subject titles like:

  • Recording tips from the pros
  • The ins and outs of buying used equipment
  • Faking it with emulation plug-ins
  • Tips for effective communications with tech support.

The ads alone will make you drool.  Click here for the current issue of Electronic Musician.

It’s good to take a look at magazines like this once in a while, even if you’re not a tech geek.  It opens you eyes a whole new world…even if musicians think they know-it-all!




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