Is Direct Mail Dead?

by | Jul 30, 2014 | Marketing

direct mailFor some reason, I suffer spammy emails better than spammy mailbox stuffers.  Probably because emails are easier to “86”.

Hey!  Maybe that’s why direct mail is not dead!

I know you never thought you’d hear this from the #1 apostle for Social Media, but seriously…here are some numbers that are hard to ignore:

The holy grail of all marketing methods comes out in a report every year by the Direct Marketing Association.  It’s called the DMA Statistical Fact Book, and it sells for (R U ready) $500.  That may actually be a bargain for all the info it contains…including a whole section on direct mail marketing.

Wanna be a DMA member?  Find out on the DMA website.  It has plenty of marketing links and resources.

Looking for a hybrid digital/print direct mail product?  Plenty of businesses will take your digital content and turn it into a printer mailer and send it.  Here’s an excellent article on it:  3 Important Ways Print Is Transforming Direct Mail.

I’m digital media kinda guy, but I’ve NEVER preached that as the single approach to finding prospects.  Like most things, moderation is best.  Mix in a little something else in your marketing approach, and you might be surprised how effective it is.

That 8th or 9th postcard…that ball-point pen with your name and phone number on it…that spiral notebook with your branding, sent to specifically targeted prospects through the good ole US Mail, just might be the trick that lands you a righteous job!




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