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by | May 21, 2014 | ipDTL

ipdtl-aThe folks over at In:Quality are sweetening the pot if you are willing to be an “affiliate” for them.

An email this week from ipDTL founderKevin Leach offers a 10% commission on subscription revenue received via clicks from your referrals.  Only for the readers of THIS blog though… Leach is going to make an even better offer.  Take a look below at the details of adding the appropriate links and embed codes to your site, then check at the bottom for the exclusive CourVO-Blog-reader deal.

 Each ipDTL account has its own unique Affiliate Link code. Just log into ipDTL, click on ‘Admin’ and then ‘Affiliate Scheme’. Copy the link and send it to friends and associates in an e-mail or paste the HTML code into your web page.

Full terms can be found at

Add a Link+ Button to your website
Link+ user?  While you’re updating your website, make sure you’ve got a Link+ button so that other users can connect to you with a simple click.  Log into ipDTL, click the ‘Link’ tab and then follow the ’embed’ link to get the code for your website.

Now — to cash in on an even sweeter affiliate commission, just write In:Quality directly to claim a 15% kick-back.  That’s 15% instead of 10% if you contact Kevin Leach direct within 7 days of this post. (
See?  Told you it was sweet!



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