ipDTL’s Kevin Leach at NAB

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ipdtl-aMy dogs are tired.

Walking the floor of the NAB exhibit hall requires stamina, a plan, and a good pair of sneakers.  Without the plan, you need a GREAT pair of sneakers.

Luckily, without planning, I ran into plenty of help.  Mike Laponis and his twin-brother-of-different-mothers Tim Keenan walked up to the Source-Connect booth while I was there talking to Rebekah Wilson.  More on Source-Connect NOW tomorrow.  It’ll be worth coming back for.

2014-04-08 13.21.18Laponis/Keenan led me over to the modest ipDTL booth, with none other than founder Kevin Leach standing around all on his lonesome, talking to passersby.DaveIntvwsipDTL

Kevin was welcoming and willing to stand for a quick video interview.  Mike even snapped a still shot of the moment with his smartphone.   I ask your patience with the unstable hand-held camera, but otherwise, you’ll find some pleasant surprises in this interview, including plans to add a special button to the ipDTL interface that apparently all the users have been clamoring for.  It’s only about 2:30 in length:

Tomorrow, my interview with Source-Elements’ Rebekah Wilson.




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