Interview with Source-Elements’ Rebekah Wilson

by | Apr 10, 2014 | Source-Connect

source-connect nowAs voice-actors, we get used to being regarded as the lost stepchild of target marketing.  For some reason, musicians, broadcasters, and audio engineers are pursued as viable product-purchasers, but not voice over talent.

What do they think?….we make our own microphones, pre-amps, and DAWs?

That thought finds refinement on the NAB exhibit floor.  Vendors do not consider voice-actors to be a cohesive or respected purchasing block, I guess.  All those equipment manufacturers love talking to you, but you’ll never see a sign luring a voice-actor to an exhibitor booth at NAB.

The one exception to that rule is evident on approach to the Source-Elements booth.  After emailing and even conversing with Rebekah Wilson from a distance on many occasions, I was pleased to meet her in person.  She was welcoming and glib.  Wilson is the creative and developmental force within Source-Connect.  She’s from New Zealand, and navigates the technical demands of her job from all over the globe.

Below is a quick interview I did with Wilson right there at the Source-Elements booth.  Please listen for news on the following points:

  • Source-Connect on iOS
  • a diplomatic statement about pricing
  • integration of HD video into the product
  • reaction to Skype becoming a competitor





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