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vobuzz-dave-aConfession time:  TV personalities get a big kick out of finding their picture in the local newspaper.

Yeah, even today, with print publications in decline..and yes, even if it’s a picture for the wrong reason.  Never mind our mugs are on the TV set every night, and thousands watch.  There’s just something about being seen on a different medium that’s a kick.

Weird, huh?

It’s with that kind of enthusiasm that I share this picture of me and Chuck & Stacey of VO Buzz Weekly.

I’ve watched this online video program for, what?…2 or 3 years, now?  The parade of VO notables is impressive…and I was floored when this gracious host/hostess duo asked me to be a guest.

Now, mind you, it’s not exactly the same as all those interviews you’ve seen thus far.  Chuck and Stacey are branching out beyond the confines of their SoCal studio to include people like me in away locations such as Las Vegas.  Our Skype video interview was an hour-long, and we ranged on topics far and wide.  I must say they both are extremely professional, and do their homework for the show.  On top of that, Chuck & Stacey are personable, warm, engaging, and (this is important) they make their guests feel comfortable.  That’s a gift.

So here’s to you Chuck & Stacey for being so welcoming, and letting me be on your show.  It was awesome!

Below, a trailer.  Head to the VO Buzz Weekly website for the full interview.




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  1. Lee Pinney

    Chuck and Stacey are such loves! They have the unique ability to get the most and best from everyone they interview, which only comes from hard work and dedication. From the outside looking in, I have to wonder who they had to make a deal with to get an extra five hours in a day. This is nothing that you Dave are not familiar with. In fact, I have a hunch that you made a similar deal.

    A hearty THANK YOU goes out to you, Chuck, and Stacey for all that you do!



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