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by | Mar 24, 2014 | VO Community | 2 comments

From what I could see, the VO Atlanta event was a lot of fun.

We kicked it up on the West Coast this weekend, too, with an APA Mixer (Audio Publishers Assoc).

Held at the luxurious Deyan Studios in Northridge, CA…the event was enthusiastically attended by a representative mix of narrators, pubishers, producers, actors, and agents from all over the country.

Can you name the lovely ladies in this picture?

2014-03-23 14.35.26-a



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  1. Karen Rose Richter

    Sure was great seeing you at the APAC Mixer over at the Deyan’s yesterday, Dave, and those fabulous and lovely ladies with you are from l to r: Ann Richardson, Karyn O’Bryant Cunningham and Roxanne Coyne. Y’all make a “fearsome foursome WoVo team.”

  2. Debbie Grattan

    Hi Dave,
    Great article! Being married to a personal (life) coach for 14 years has made me very aware of what you write about. I totally agree that you have to knock down ALL of the roadblocks if possible. If you have resistance points in your day, you are naturally going to avoid those places, that’s human nature. Resistance usually feels like pain, and we avoid pain because we’re pretty wired that way. We can over-ride that impulse consciously, but it’s best to just streamline everything in your life as much as possible to minimize resistance. Your article has inspired me to write about Tolerations… which is anything that we are tolerating in life. These are a huge energy drain, but most people are so used to tolerating things (and people) that they don’t realize how much energy is being drained.

    Thanks for the insight and inspiration!



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