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by | Mar 31, 2014 | Subscription Services

mypostproductionIn my mailbox last week:  an invitation to

The schpeel mentioned 3 current VO jobs, and offered a brief description of the service:


Hello everybody,
I would like to inform you about 3 new VO jobs : 
Skills Required: Voice-over artist 
Projects’ names are “Monuments-English Voive Over”, “Monuments-Italian Voive Over” and “Monuments-German Voive Over”
The projects will be open for 5 days 
if any voice-over artist is interested, he/she can register and bid on it., is a unique, specialised online marketplace for audio and video post production services, owned and operated by LLC, based in the USA.
It’s connecting Post Production Professionals with Clients looking for them.
Clients and Audio-video freelancers from all over the world, have already created their profiles and offer their services for all kinds of production needs.
Clients are radio stations, tv channels, production companies, audio or video producers, freelancers need other freelancers to complete a project and anyone who needs post production services of any kind.
Please share
Thank you

I had not heard of MyPostProduction before, but apparently a few of you have (see below).
It’s a no-brainer to sign-up using your FaceBook credentials.  Similarly, choosing the free account for freelancers is probably the best option for starters.
From the “projects” page, you seek the VO jobs, answer the listing with an audition, and a bid, and wait to see if you’re chosen for the job.  Many other professions are represented at this site:  video editors, graphics, audio editors, artists, animators, script-writers,on-camera technicians, etc…so in that sense, it kinda feels like O-Desk, Thumbtack, or Guru.
Browsing through the freelancer list, I see several voice-actors already on-board, so I’m a little late to this party… but now you know too!  Good luck!



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