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by | Feb 3, 2014 | Conferences, Training/Education

deweesLooks like the voiceover community has finally discovered what most every other conceivable business has known for years:  Las Vegas is the premiere conference destination in the world.

Well OK, it’s not quite that serious.  But it IS growing.  January saw Marice Tobias holding her 3rd all-guy Vegas VO weekend workshop.  Later this Spring, Vegas will be the site for the first ever WoVO-Con.  VOICE had it’s start in Vegas in 2007 (FaffCon…do I hear FaffCon?), and this month, Bill DeWees is hosting VoiceOver Revolution in Las Vegas.

You may have already heard of Bill.  His prolific string of no-nonsense YouTube instructional videos relentlessly spew forth common-sense real-world advice for running the business end of your company.  Just go to YouTube, and search “DeWees”, and plan to take a few hours to sit and watch any of 100+ of that running series of videos.

Bill admits he’s not much for attending many of the VO conferences.  He claims to be an introvert.  Sound familiar?  But I’m workin’ on him to change his stripes.  🙂

Bill also admits he hasn’t “seen the light” about the value of Social Media for his voiceover business.  BUT, he’s willing to be convinced, and to that end, he’s asked me to be part of his instructional weekend in February here in Las Vegas, February 15th & 16th.  I know it’s already less than two weeks away, but that’s another good thing about Las Vegas, there’s always a direct discounted flight to “the entertainment capital of the world”, and besides, you’re dead tired of sub-freezing temperatures, right?  So far this season, it’s been one of the warmest winters on record in Vegas.

Bill’s 2-day workshop will be loaded with the kind of practical business-management tips that have made Bill a steady success in VoiceOvers.  Also — Jennifer Smith, a senior account manager will help you with an analysis and makeover of your profile to maximize your success on their site.  One of Bill’s most successful students — Tim Tippets — will be sharing his considerable knowledge in getting the most out of your studio sound.

When I’m not presenting, I’m going to be glued to a chair to hear all that Bill and the other speakers have to say.  I know it’s gonna be well worth it!

Check out the site for all the info.’s VoiceOverTimes blog has a nice write-up on this too.

Want to know more about Bill?  His book: How To Start and Build a 6-Figure Voice Over Business reflects a lot of his personal strategy… but this seminar will build above and beyond that.

Finally, watch Bill’s brief video below to hear more about VoiceOverRevolution.

Looking forward to it, Bill!




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