Check Back This Weekend

by | Feb 28, 2014 | Heads Up!

weekendWeekdays are for work.  I cook up fresh blog articles Monday through Friday, and typically take a two-day hiatus from writing on Saturday and Sunday.

This week has been all cattywompus.  Final adjustments to my new responsive and integrated website are taking a toll on my usual schedule, and there have honestly been some glitches out of my control.

While my WordPress virtual assistant pulls the levers and pushes the buttons to get it fixed, I’m going to be doing an interview today with a VO luminary who will recount one of the most compelling reasons to date for dropping ISDN and embracing new remote recording paradigms.

I should be posting that late in the day Friday, or at the latest on Saturday so you’ll have something fresh to make up for the blog content deficits late this week.

So c’mon back Saturday, ya hear?




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