Send Me on a Mission

by | Jan 9, 2014 | Conferences

es2014My world is awash in CES this week.

The TV station where I work is only 3 blocks from the Las Vegas convention center, so I’m literally swimming in attendees — 150,000 of them — as they come and go.  Traffic is a nightmare.

On top of that, our news is rife with local and national reports originating from the show floor.  I can’t escape gizmo madness!!!

While I plan to go and immerse myself in the 2-million square feet of exhibit floorspace Thursday (today), my anticipation is mixed.  Being on the floor is a dizzying cacophony of sensory overload.

Over the years, I’ve learned that to survive the show, you must wear the most comfortable shoes you have, and you must go to the event with an agenda and stick to it.  Otherwise, you’re pulled in a million different directions, and achieve nothing but some drooling and eye-candy burnout.

My loose plan, then, is to visit the HP pavilion to see their new line of portable cams competing with GoPro.  I also want to see as many Microphone booths as possible:  Blue Mics, AKG, Neumann, etc.  I’d like to check out some headphone manufacturers, and since I wrote about it the other day, I hope to see the Centrance display.  Pre-amps?  Sure.

My question to you is:  Where would YOU like me to go?  What burning question would you directly ask of ___________ device manufacturer.   I can do that.   If you’ve read this far, respond to me in the comment section below, and I’ll see if I can swing by and get you some information.  Of course, if I get a flood of requests, it might not be possible for me to honor them all, but I’ll try.  I can pick up spec sheets and talk to reps if you need.

Let me know.  It’s like having your own personal emissary to CES without getting a headache!




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