Before You Buy an Audio Interface… Use the “Wizard”

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contraptionRemember last Wednesday, I asked you to bookmark a website from a friend of mine back in the “Bootheel” of Missouri?  (See “Recording Review”).

For all of you who did that, you’re already in the know.  For those who didn’t, here’s today’s wisdom from Brandon Drury, the author of that site: 8 TIPS BEFORE YOU BUY AN AUDIO INTERFACE.

This article really says it like it is, especially #3: Know Exactly What Features You Need in an Audio Interface.  He also recommends not buying anything unless it has 50 outstanding reviews.  Tough standards!

And Aside from those 8 great tips, Brandon’s article links you to his “Audio Interface Wizard” What a great tool!  Brandon admits it’s more like a search form helper than a “wizard” in its present form, but considering that there are nearly 350 audio interfaces available under 54 brand names, even that help is worth it.

The only caveat I offer again is that Brandon’s site is largely geared to musicians, singers, and audio engineers… but we’re all used to that right?  Most all of the same rules apply for us VO folks.

Thanks, Brandon!





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