Striking a Balance

by | Dec 2, 2013 | Ruminations

balanceWe’re all subject to polarizing emotions, thoughts, cultural trends ‘n’ tugs.  We’re influenced, not just both ends of an issue, but by all the chatter, confetti, and diversion of the world in the middle.

So, if you’re at all like me, finding your way through the middle (finding moderation)… is tough.  By that I mean choosing the best path through the clutter, and doing so in a manner that keeps you in the mix, achieves your goals, but also keeps your sanity.  If any of that sounds familiar?… then read on.


VO friend “Clarence”  is struggling with his marketing, waffling about the P2P’s, and working himself ragged auditioning, with a low ROI.

VO friend “Clarice” is working constantly, considering going Union, installing ISDN, and getting on the roster of more agents.

Clarence can’t seem to get momentum.  As en ex-radio DJ, he tries to be diligent about connecting with the VO  industry online, follows the advice of his peers, and has had worthwhile coaching.  Still, his focus in the face of conflicting advice is all over the place.  He’s easily distracted by the latest new thing, and tends to drop business approaches before they’ve had time to mature.  He’s wandering.

Clarice has more time in the market, and she feels sure about her place in it. With extensive experience in theatre, She’s whittled down her approach to just two voice-acting genres where she shines.  She’s trusted by her peers and her clients.  Her plodding approach to steady progress has brought her success in voice-acting, and she’s carefully considering next steps.  She’s confident.


My middle daughter is 22, a college student/athlete, and a serious-minded, conscientious, thoughtful student of life.

My only remaining aunt is 86, single, a “creative”, and a saucy, perceptive, independent liver of life.

Daughter proclaimed to me last night that she’s withdrawing from Social Media, the lifeblood of young people, no?  She’s deactivating her FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.  She’s hoping to find more time for studies, personal human interactions, and relief from the distractions of mindless social surfing.  Daughter is stepping back.

Aunt (again, at 86)  is deeply involved in learning the ins and outs of computers.  She’s already prolific on Gmail…has mastered Picasa, and loves to pepper her messages with emoticons.  She writes to me daily with questions about how to do graphics, and install programs.  Her digital discoveries are palpable in their delight and connectivity.  Aunt is surging forward.


Time cannot be controlled, but it can be organized.  Set long-term goals, and break down those goals into ever smaller bite-sized pieces while you parse the year into months, weeks, days, hours.   Keep a calendar and stick to it.  Use a daytimer or an app to set reminders and notes.  Make lists.  Write things down.  Do what’s important, not urgent.   Follow-up with calls and appropriate emails for clients and prospects.

Each day is a new opportunity for discovery and choice.  Enjoy life’s surprises rather than labor with an over-burdened sense of duty. Respond to challenges as they come, within a broad framework of life’s loosely-chosen directions.  Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.  Build strong relationships and everything else falls into place.  Be responsible with your promises, but never be hamstrung by rigid protocols.


I could go on.  The choices are endless, and those choices will define you…or they are an extension of you, and you define THEM.  There’s no right or wrong… but… sanity and happiness are good things.




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