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mixonlineBuried Treasure.

There’s buried treasure in the current info of MixOnline.

Ever heard of it?  I’m never sure when I write about sites like this whether it’s old hat or not, but this one is new to me.

Like Electronic Musician and a host of other online publishers, most of these mags appeal to a customer base of musicians, studio engineers, audio engineers, and production houses.

For anything even close to this in the VO world… you’d have to go to John Florian’s VoiceOverXtra.  But not so fast.  These sites that cater to the music/audio engineering world are about 90% applicable to voice actors.  Mics, pre-amps, speakers, recording tips, hardware/software evaluations, and lots more.  It’s all there, and – like I said – most of it is usable by voice actors.

But the buried treasure in THIS site has nothing to do with all that.  The buried treasure in MixOnline will appeal mostly to those who are working to develop email lists to prospective production houses.  This site practically does the work FOR you.

Do you see it?  One of the most complete  of resources I’ve ever seen for building prospect lists.

Still don’t see it?  Comment to me here, and I’ll get back to you.




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  1. Debby Barnes

    Okay, I can almost smell it and see it in the MIX, but not quite. Is it under ‘Resources’ ? Perhaps ‘Industry Orgs’ ? Maybe ‘MIX Guides’ or ‘Related Sites’ ? I give-up. Please throw this dog a bone! 🙂 Thank you heaps, Dave.

    • CourVO


      Look across the top/middle for a box with a blue ‘n’ white background that says “The all-new Mix Master Directory”. The page that opens up has links that reveal directories of production houses and more around the country!

      Thanks for asking!

      Dave Courvoisier

      • Debby Barnes

        Oh my land. With Christmas fast approaching and your fresh 6,700 word project at hand, YOU are a gem for even responding to me! How like you, DC. Many thank yous are flying your way. 🙂 Christmas Joy + New Year Peace, Debby


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