The Dry Commercial Read

by | Nov 8, 2013 | Demos

dryA Long-time Voice Acting friend pinged me this week with a quandary he and I both found a bit confusing.

Maybe you’ve seen it too when answering auditions.

A hi-profile pay-to-play site includes the following nomenclature when seeking the profile information of it’s new talent:

Upload your DRY (VOICE ONLY) studio quality demo. MP3 only.

He also sent the following from another site, that is currently enrolling voice talent:

We will need additional demos, precisely, for each of the below shown items: 
1- Commercials. 
2- Vocals. 
3- Parodies. 
4- Lipsing (complete synchronicity, getting into the speaker’s lips) 
5- Dubbing. 
6- Greetings and IVR. 
7- Off-screen works. 
8- Your voice without any treatments by the studio you are going to do the recording in, this is necessary for a specific tract quality.

Other than the word “track” (tract) being misspelled…my friend and I were both perplexed by the explicit instruction for a DRY COMMERCIAL DEMO in both these appeals.

Does ANYONE have a commercial demo like that these days?

I can understand dry, plain-vanilla, unadorned reads for E-Learning, IVR, narrations, and more.  But a “dry” commercial demo read?

‘Could be it’s just a matter of semantics, or word definitions that differ.

Maybe that’s why I’m not getting any commercial work.  Silly me!  I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars for an accomplished producer/director to conjure up the most engaging minute’s worth of my voice I can muster, and it’s NOT a dry commercial read.

Have you heard of this?

Do you have a dry commercial read available to share?




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