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by | Nov 11, 2013 | Mics, Voice Over Hardware/VO Software & other VO Tools

gear guideHow come Voice Acting doesn’t have a professional magazine of its own?!  (note to self: possible future career path filling this void).

Lord knows photographers, writers, musicians, audio engineers, and just about every other creative endeavour known to humankind has it’s own periodical.  Why not voice-acting?

It’s not like there’s no market for advertising revenue.  Any vendor you find on Sweetwater , B&H, or BSW would want to appeal to the voice-acting audience…no?

It can’t have anything to do with the fact that voice actors don’t spend money, or that there aren’t enough of us to create a populous marketplace.  I mean, heck, musicians are known for living paycheck-to-paycheck and gig-to-gig.  Are we any different?  I mean, supposedly thousands are joining our ranks each year, and regardless whether they’re any good or not, if they’re following their dream, then they’ll need to evaluate and buy equipment, right?

This is not to diminish the online presence of VoiceOverXtra.  John Florian runs a tight ship, and it hits the mark in many ways, but why not a print publication too?  Although many have predicted the demise of magazines, just the opposite is true…the industry is thriving.

Enough of my rant.   The fact is that most mags geared to professional sound engineers, musicians, and studios ALSO hit mark for us voice-actors.  I came across the GEAR GUIDE from ProSound and ProAudio Review, and it’s got a lot of info on mics in this particular special edition.  For one thing, there’s a complete list of manufacturers, and reviews of some of the newer models now.

They’ll ask you for your name, address, phone number and email to get the guide, but who doesn’t ask that these days?

Click this link to get to the ProSound Microphone Gear Guide.




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