Let There Be Method To It

by | Oct 21, 2013 | ISDN, Technology

ipaudioThat is the subheading to an excellent article published just a couple of days ago by Michael LeClair, the Chief Engineer for WBUR (AM/FM) radio in Boston.

Michael’s cogent analysis of the eventual, and ever more real demise of ISDN makes an excellent summary of the current state of affairs with the void that ISDN will leave.  Luckily, current IP alternatives are fresh, creative, and in most cases reliable.

LeClair notes:  “…we recently broadcast live a mayoral forum in Boston with a wired network connection on one IP codec and a second backup codec being fed by a router connected to two wireless 4G carriers. As usual, we analyzed the streaming statistics after the event was over. While a few years back I reported being burned by wireless connections, this dual-provider system actually worked almost as well as the wired. Audio quality was the equal of ISDN, and we went an entire two hours with virtually no problems on either path…”

But when the tower of Babel we call ISDN falls, and IP solutions rush to fill the gap, though, wouldn’t it be nice for there to be regulatory and technological standards for the replacement?  Hence the subheading:  “Let There Be a Method to It”.

Again, LeClair writes:  “…It’s easy to understand why most products on the market today contain proprietary “hooks” that render them unable to connect with their competitors — after doing the hard work to get something that would operate well, it wasn’t easy to then share that knowledge with others. …”

If this topic area interests you at all, take the time to read this great article in RadioWorld, titled: The Grand Transformations of IP Audio.




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