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by | Oct 3, 2013 | Web Resources

keepvidYouTube makes it so easy to share, embed, email, or otherwise post the videos you love to your fave social media sites.  In fact, they make it so simple it’s scary.

But what if you wanted a COPY of that video?  Maybe a friend asked you to edit it for them, or you need to move it from one account to another, or you’re making a library of that kind of video, and you’re afraid it will disappear.

KeepVid is a tool that lets you download YouTube videos to your computer.  It’s free.  It’s even simpler than YouTube.  It’s fast.  I don’t see a downside….except one.

This site is one of those with a sponsor that has a bigger download button than the one you really WANT to click.  So just be sure to click on the “download” link to the right of the dialog box where you paste the link to your video (not the bigger “download” button below the dialog box).  See my screen capture below.


One other caveat: I have not researched, nor do I know what the copyright, trademark, service-mark, intellectual property or other legal strings are attached here.  I figure if this site is still in existence, someone must’ve cleared the detailed hurdles to make it available for public use.  If you’re really worried about it…read the terms of service, which are listed on the site.


Dave Courvoisier



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