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by | Oct 25, 2013 | Heads Up!

freeforallYou’ve been busy.  I know it, ’cause you’re a serious freelancer who is working hard to run your own business and get ahead.

I’d like to believe you read my blog because you find value now ‘n’ then in my musings.

Thanks for that.

I take your patronage pretty seriously, and learn a lot in the process.

I’m calling TODAY’S blog a free-for-all due to all the disconnected, yet (I hope) valuable tips herein.

First of all, a link to a blog I wrote for Edge Studio.   You’re getting the first look at it, and it’s similar to another blog I wrote earlier here on my site, but I wanted to share it on Edge’s site because it was one of my most-read blogs, they asked real nice, I really like what Edge is doing these days, and I want to support their efforts.

Here’s the link:  Filling the Void: 5 Tips for Taking Advantage of Downtime.

Secondly, and just a little sheepishly, I’m posting here a link to a special offer by Carbonite.  I written repeatedly (as have many others) on the wisdom of constantly, consistently backing up the data on your hard drive.  You never know when lightning, or a virus, or an old HD, or just stupidity can erase your valuable sound files, docs, downloads, etc.

Carbonite is one of the better products out there for automatically downloading all the files you WANT to backup…to the cloud.  Once you set it in motion, Carbonite does this quietly, reliably, and efficiently.  No personal handling involved…but you can change your back-up plans whenever you want.  If all gets lost somehow, you can recover all your precious files from their server.  I find their annual pricing plan to be reasonable and competitive.

This link takes you to a personal referral from me to you.  Yes, I get a small kickback, but you get a $20 gift from Carbonite, too, and you can try out the service for free.  Thanks!

Finally, a big salute to SAG-AFTRA for their compassionate move to help Bob Deyan.  Bob is one of the nicest guys in the world, and one of the most successful AudioBook production houses on the West Coast.  He was recently given a life-time achievement award by the Audio Publishers Association in NYC this Summer. Sadly, Bob has developed ALS – Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  My wife (an RN) used to work for the ALS Association.  There is no cure for this progressively debilitating disease.  Yet, Bob is approaching his challenge with grace, determination, a smile, and lots of heart.

So, the union is holding a live audiobook marathon November 9 & 10 in Burbank in Bob’s honor.  See the details below as I rec’d them:


We are writing to let you know about a project being organized by narrators to honor Bob Deyan, who is fighting against ALS. Most of you know our friends Bob and Debra Deyan, who run Deyan Audio in Los Angeles and who have been so important to the audiobooks community nationally. They stepped up to the plate and signed a union agreement two years ago that has helped many audiobook narrators qualify for health and retirement benefits, and now the audiobook narrator community is stepping up to give back. We want to invite everyone to check out the following links:

Online Auction Benefitting the ALS Association – Golden West Chapter

New items added every day, including much related to audiobooks.

Audiobook Marathon LIVE! In Burbank, CA, on November 9-10

This event will feature many narrators and a variety of genres in a 25-hour narration marathon in honor of Bob Deyan. If you buy a ticket and attend, you will receive a free audiobook download courtesy of (While there are no open reading slots right now, you can reply to this email and we’ll pass it along if you’re interested in being an alternate reader or a general volunteer at the event.)

There is also a way to donate directly at

Please feel free to forward this email to others who might be interested.




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