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volcanic-aIn what now seems like eons ago — but was in fact just 9 days ago — I left my room at the Dylan Hotel in downtown Dublin, and made a brisk 5-minute walk to a Dublin Voice-Over studio that had signed me several months ago.


It was my good luck that:
a) our hotel happened to be that close
b) the studio was so inviting
c) I had the time to visit (on an already ambitious vacation schedule)

DSC02363-bJenny Wilson, the chief booking agent and talent coordinator at Volcanic Voice Talent Agency had been most encouraging of my visit, and I think just a little surprised that I showed up before she even arrived on Monday morning.

She was very gracious to give me a quick tour of their modest studio, and introduced me to one of the volcanic-cfounders/engineers of the place.

They were very proud to claim they were among the top 3 VO studios in Ireland’s largest city, and by the looks of things, they keep plenty busy.

My stay was not long.  I had places to go, and they were beginning their work week.  However, I felt just a little more connected to the world of voice-overs by visiting a studio in another part of the world (and, yes, it might help me a bit with writing-off some of the cost of the trip on my taxes!).

Thanks, Jen for being such a great host, and for all the great work Volcanic is doing!






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