Your Next Smartphone Purchase: A VO Necessity?

by | Aug 8, 2013 | Technology

lgg2My long-stated opinion about social media?  You can’t do it right without a smartphone…and now there are all-new reasons to own one of the new crop of smartphones.

I don’t care if you like iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, or Blackberry….just make sure it’s equipped to handle tweets, FaceBook, texts, and… a microphone?

So advanced are today’s smartphone devices, that they CAN be relied-upon for a quick audition, or even some dedicated voice-work that doesn’t require any steep production values…like IVR, some website narrations, maybe an explainer video or possibly some E-Learning.

While “on the road”, most of us have been able to make cogent excuses to our clients that if they could hold on for just a couple of hours for your mobile set-up recording, it’d be worth the wait.  But lately, the smartphone is capable of BEING your mobile set-up.  Which leaves as the only consideration:  your recording

Think I’m overstating my case?  Then maybe you haven’t seen the latest Smartphones.

While dedicated iPhone fans sit around waiting for Cupertino’s latest offering in this realm, new and vastly-improved Android-based phones are coming out of the woodwork.

Samsung Galaxy IV
Google’s new Motorola Moto-X
Samsung Note 3

Here’s a wonderful comparison summary of the new Android phones on Gigaom.

ALL these devices, plus the HTC, and even the Windows phone are just killing it, while all we hear about the next iPhone is a lot of rumour.

iphone-jI’m using the venerable iPhone 4, but by the end of the year — mark my words — I’ll have a new smartphone. And even though I’m absolutely deep into the IOS world of apps and capabilities, I gotta admit, Android is looking pretty good.  Most every industry-watcher is reporting that Android has stolen the lion’s share of the smartphone market away from Apple.

Add to that the wonderful new apps USB Audio Recorder Pro, and it’s partner, Audio Evolution Mobile for Android make a considerable leap forward for quality mobile recording on the Android OS.  See my blog for an audio comparison Android mobile vs. home studio.

Having said all that, there is NO WAY the smart folks at Apple are just going to roll over.

Here’s a great article that summarizes a lot of the probable features of the new iPhone.
And another.

Either way…we’re winners in VO with all these incredible smartphone offerings!

What are you gonna get?




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