VoiceOver for Barter?

by | Aug 16, 2013 | Business-end-of-things

benztownThis headline caught my eye on the AllAccess.com site:

BENZTOWN Brings Top Commercial Voiceover And Copywriting Talent To Radio Stations For Barter.

First of all who is BENZTOWN, and wassup with this “barter” claim?

Benztown, as it turns out, has it’s global headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany (same town for the HQ of Daimler Mercedes-Benz).  Their USA management offices are in Burbank, CA.

Fair enough, and a little further digging shows Benztown offers a full-service Radio Imaging package… libraries, talent, sales, writing, direction, and production, with the stress on unique approaches that haven’t been tried before.  These guys love the creative process.

Their website states: “…the company is now offering commercial voiceover and copywriting for barter to radio stations of all market sizes. Benztown’s commercial voiceover and copywriting services give stations access to the industry’s top voiceover artists and copywriters who create top-flight radio advertising spots and campaigns for local advertisers. Stations can choose any of the talents from Benztown’s extensive talent roster, at any time, offering unmatched flexibility for barter…”

I don’t pretend to understand the radio imaging market that well, but “barter” to me is fairly clear:  A service or product is traded for a service or product of equal perceived value, but no actual money changes hands.

Benztown’s Aug 8th announcement of offering voiceover and copywriting talent to radio stations for barter doesn’t make clear what that service is being bartered FOR.  What is Benztown getting in exchange?  What am I missing?

Read the announcement for yourself, then set me straight, willya?




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