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interviewWould you like to be able to sit down and talk to another respected voice actor, and really pick their brain about their craft?

That’s the idea behind the Pro-on-Pro series of interviews that are being prepared for VoiceOver Virtual.  Please forgive the attention to VOV lately, but things are really coming together for this online virtual VO conference, and let’s face it, the event is less than a month away now.

In the video below, you’ll see a “trailer” from a 40-min interview that top AudioBook narrator Simon Vance did with another incredible AudioBook narrator, Katherine Kellgren.  Both have won just about every accolade in the business of AudioBooks you could imagine…and then some.  Serious professionals, both of them.

VOV is preparing some incredible resources that are available not just during the 3-day weekend of September 18-20, but for another month-and-a-half for paid attendees.  There will be many more of these types of interviews, as well as numerous (the # is growing daily) presentations by a cast of 50 coaches, agents, trainers, producers and more.  If you haven’t had a chance to consider attending an online conference (ahem, no hotel cost, no booking flights, etc), then think about VoiceOver Virtual.

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I hope you enjoy this snippet…many more to come!

Have a great weekend!




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