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john florianYou know John Florian, and you know that his middle name is VoiceOverVirtual…right?

Because I’m on the VOV staff, I get about 20 emails a day from John.  He’s serious about making VoiceOver Virtual a value-laden proposition for anyone and everyone who registers, as well as all the coaches, and vendors, and agents, and speakers…and the list goes on…

Since it’s a first-ever ONLINE voice-over conference, though…and we’re literally designing this new “thing” as we go along in this inaugural event, there are about a gazillion details to handle.  By default, John is where the buck stops…so I don’t VirtualVOSquareLargeknow how he’s not tearing his hair out by now.

But you know John like I do… an even-tempered, always-positive, gentleman.

That’s why he encouraged me to release to the world, this little explainer video I put together that promotes VoiceOver Virtual while slightly poking fun at its founder.

Enjoy… have a great weekend, and if you want to register for VOV, head over to http://www.voiceovervirtual.com.




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