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by | Jul 17, 2013 | Heads Up!

edgestudio1Back when I was still wearing VO diapers, David Goldberg of Edge Studio held my hand in a couple of career-changing phone consults.  He was a voice of common sense and keen observations.

I keep running into David at conferences, and he still makes a lot of sense.  His understanding of demos, the market, the studio recording environment, the VO business, and the way he explains it to clients and talent is refreshing.  It’s also what he does best.

Now he’ll be able to focus on that strength a lot more.edge-b

Never mind that Edge Studio just completed a move to Times Square, in a brand-new Goldberg-designed studio that is to die for.  Never mind that Edge continues to provide one of the best web landing pages around for voice actors…or that they do great demos, or that they offer helpful classes, and timely webinars.  The list goes on…a list that would keep the most able manager busy 24/7.  That’s why Edge Studio is making a big announcement today.  Here.  Now.

Goldberg is appointing two new executives to his management team, and promoting a couple of extant team members to new leadership roles.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFirst, Graeme Spicer comes on board as Managing Director.  Graeme has been working behind the scenes on a number of VO enterprises that you’ve certainly heard of…one of them being the success of George Whittam’s VOStudioTech business. His experience for 25 years in a heavy-hitting corporate world makes him an excellent acquisition for Edge Studio.

I ran into Graeme on a visit to Edge during APAC in late May.  His can-do, creative attitude, matched with a savvy business sense puts the place in good hands. Graeme says: “…“This is truly a dream job for me. I get the opportunity to apply the 25 years of strategic planning, executive management and teaching experience I’ve gathered to a company deeply ingrained in the community I love. It doesn’t get any better than this.”

Goldberg says of Spicer:  As Managing Director, Graeme will be responsible for leading me and the management team in the creation and implementation of a new strategic plan, and his years of experience in both large firms and startups is already helping make our day-to-day operations more streamlined and effective. Additionally, Graeme has a proven track record in high-level business development, mergers & acquisitions, and in developing strategic partnerships.”

Graeme will work primarily from his home office in Toronto, with visits to the New York studios (and elsewhere) as often as required for meetings with the team and with key clients and partners.

The other big appointment to the management team is the woman who helped me with the information about this development for Edge:  Leanne Linsky becomes the new Director of marketing and Community Development.  If you’ve never heard of Leanne, watch out…’cause you will.  Leanne notes:  “Working for an organization with a great reputation makes my job easy, and I’m thrilled to be a part of team that cares so much about what they do. And they laugh at all my jokes! I’m looking forward to an exciting year ahead.”

Finally, Current Edge Studio employees Joey Schaljo and Kristen Thorne have been promoted to Director of Education and Director of Production, respectively. Schaljo and Thorne have been key members of the Edge team through Edge’s recent period of growth, and now are charged with the overall leadership of their respective business units.

You can read the entire announcement for release today here:  Edge Studio PR July 2013.

All this makes perfect sense to give David Goldberg the space and time to work his magic…to apply his vision…to be the great communicator and instructor he is.

David told me: “I’m still very involved in the day-to-day operations! These new roles and promotions aren’t about me exiting the management of the company. They are a response to the growth we’ve experienced – we simply needed more hands to get the work done and to continue our growth while maintaining the quality that our clients expect from us.  We think that Edge Studio has had a solid reputation in the voice over industry for some time. We’ve grown considerably in the past 18 months, and building the team is a natural outcome of that growth. Our mission is to provide a complete offering of services to the voice over community – both voice actors and producers. Stay tuned for more news soon!”

Congrats to Edge Studio’s big moves!




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