Everybody Loves a Mic Sale!

by | May 9, 2013 | Mics

micsThere is no one single piece of iconic equipment we identify with more than the microphone.  It’s so hard NOT to put it in your branding material, your website, on your business card… even though it’s cliché in the extreme.

So what?!  The microphone IS an extremely important part of the equation that makes you a VO success.  Microphone choice should be a personal decision based variously on gender, timbre, available cash, and vocal style (among other things).

Oh, and it kinda depends on being able to take advantage of the best deal when it pops up.

Hence, today’s blog!

Amazingly (I’m being sarcastic), two of the top audio equipment suppliers both launched Microphone sales on the same day!  How odd!

Again:  so what??!!  Take advantage.

I bought my first VO mic from one of these vendors for $300 many moons ago, and that was a $100 savings.

Hopefully, you’ve done your due diligence by stopping into your local Sam Ashe, Guitar Center, or similar audio-equipment store nearest you, and test-drove a number of mics already, and you’ve just been waiting for the right price to come along.  Here’s your chance!

BSW (Broadcast Supply WorldWide) launched their “Microphone Mania Month” sale this morning, and by evening-time, Sweetwater had answered with their own  “May is MicMonth”  promotion.

I’ve done business with both of these vendors.  Both are honest, eager-to-please, helpful, and more-than-happy to have your business.

Don’t be snookered into buying something you don’t need, but there are some serious bundled package savings here, and some decent deals on peripherals (mic-screens, cables, shockmounts, and booms) too.

Happy hunting for your next great mic!


(disclaimer:  I receive nothing as kickback for mentioning these companies or their mic sales.  In fact, you will find no advertising on this blogsite, period.)



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