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by | May 21, 2013 | Marketing

CONVINCEGoogle is fascinating to me right now.  You probably gathered that from my GOOGLE IS ON FIRE blog of last week.  I’ll stop with the open infatuation after this article…but I won’t stop being a fan.  There’s just so much going on with their many services, and the new ways they’re integrating them.

Along with all that, I’ve found a new marketing blog I want to tell you about.  It’s a site you should put on your RSS feed reader.  And THAT puts me in the embarrassing position of reneging on my Google admiration.  Google is sunsetting one of their more popular services:  Google Reader.  Google Reader’s demise is getting closer…so please revisit my article about Google Reader replacements.

I’ve settled on Feedly as my Go0gle Reader replacement.  You can easily add it to your Chrome or FireFox browser as an add-on or extension.

OK, so what site is it you should add to your Feedly Reader?  Convince &  Convert: Social and Content Accelerators.  This site is great for marketing AND social media tips… which brings me to the title of today’s blog, and even more reason to love Google:


Honestly, Convince & Convert would love to sign you as a client.  Jay Baer is the force behind the site, and he’s for hire, but he obviously believes in the CourVO pay-it-forward blog philosophy, ’cause you’ll find tons of other great ideas on this site.

The particular article I’ve referenced above is actually by guest blogger and marketing veteran Carrie Morgan.  It hits 3 quick ideas for using Google to get and find better Public Relations.




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