Minetree’s Magic VO Search Engine

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Web Resources

minetreeMichael Minetree reminds me of  a very generous whack-a-mole.  He seemingly disappears from sight for a while, but when he pops up, it’s always good.

Other than being a fine voice-actor, he’s got this genius entrepreneurship innovation thing always going.  He surfaces from time-t0-time with wonderful organizational, online community-building, and job help services.

Yesterday, he posted that maybe I’d blog about his latest offering(?), and I’m more than happy to.  It’s what I would call a cool tool, and I have no idea how he did it, but I’ll bet HE would say it was no big deal.

It’s a search engine for voice over sites.  Sure you can use Google instead…but the cool thing about THIS search engine is (1) it’s already powered by Google, and (2) you can add your VO resource listing to the database.

It’s called VOICEOVER ONLINE (if it has anything to do with voiceover and the internet…)

Give it a go, and make sure you throw your hat in the ring!

Coincidentally, I started a voice over resources list on List.ly just a couple of weeks ago.  (I’ve often mentioned here that I’m a prodigious list-maker).  Honestly, I haven’t done much with it yet, but I welcome the opportunity to add YOUR VO resource to the list if you’d like.

Here’s the link:  http://list.ly/list/479-voiceover?feature=mylist




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