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by | Apr 4, 2013 | Social Media/Networking

nutshellmailEverywhere people talk about losing the email battle.

A little nonsense post on the Voice-Over Friends FB group yesterday brought this response from a VO friend:  “…I get around 500 emails per day. Checking them to just figure out what I want to deal with and what not is laborious enough, but then having to reply or take some sort of action… I think I spend an aggregate of about 4 hours or more per day dealing with email, and I’m still not as on top of  it as I’d like…”

I so agree.  Even my recent blog post about email (Seriously? Unimaginable!) brought plenty of assent that email is an essential part of the freelance VO day…but businesses and people eager to be noticed somehow keep finding a way to clutter-up things.  Social Media notices alone probably make up half of my email list.

Not a replacement for email management… but when I really need a digest of my brand/name exposure on Social Networks any given day, I depend on NutshellMail.

NutshellMail is a Constant Contact product.  Many of you are familiar with ConstantContact.  It’s one of the most-recognized newsletter, CRM, survey-tracking, Social Media marketing, and now event-planning online sites around.

Some time ago, ConstantContact acquired NutshellMail.  The service sends you updates from social networks through an email digest.  You can manage and interact those updates right from the NutshelMail interface.

Here’s the best part:  FREE!  You don’t have to have a ConstantContact subscription to get NutshellMail.  You WILL have to sign-up with an email address and password.  Then you’ll have to grant permission for NutshellMail to access whichever Social Networks you’d like to monitor.

Many is the day NutshellMail saves my bacon (bacon!) by showing me other people’s mention of my name or brand.  In fact, sometimes NutshellMail is the ONLY means of getting that information.  It’s pretty amazing what it can pick up.  You can reply, retweet, post, and respond right from the NutshellMail report that comes to you by (ack) email.

Check it out.  The service can be customized in many ways to meet your needs.




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