Keeping the Broad View

by | Apr 24, 2013 | Web Resources

roadaheadBack when Driver’s Ed was taught in public schools, my instructor gave me a tip I’ve never forgotten.

Keep the Broad View,” he said.

Meaning: always scan the visible scene passing all around me for developing actions.  Sure, you have to break away to see the detail of what’s directly ahead of you, then check the rear-view mirror, too.  But overall, scan the horizon of your sight for whatever might be a possibility developing.

Actually, ‘not a bad lesson for life, and certainly a top idea for your Voice Over Business.

I keep the broad view with Social Media Groups and Forums, Google Alerts, Email and Email aggregating services, and an RSS Reader.  Those are the primary channels.  I’m always checking out the innovative new stuff coming out…especially apps for tablets and smartphones.

Trolling all those services all day every day provides a never-ending fount of ideas, information, and leads.  There is no way I could publish 5 fresh blogs every week without THE BROAD VIEW (and my rigorous application of the rule).

Here’s what the broad view put in front of me today.

REALTIMECASTING.COM  I’ve blogged about this service before.  RTC’s “about” page says (among other things) that it is: An online casting directory that is designed specifically for represented, professional voice artists.  RTC charges $250 for a year’s subscription.  I have not utilized this service, so can neither confirm or deny their value, but jobs are based on union rates or through negotiation with an agent.  That’s a twist on the usual P2P.

VOICEOVERVOICES.COM This site claims to be the quickest way to find and book a talent.  I see nothing in their “about” page that greatly separates them from other P2P sites.  Their service says Pro Voice Talent can join starting as low as $5/mo.   Again, I cannot confirm or deny the value of this site, so like RTC, if you have any experience with the site, please let us know!

VOICESWITHISDN.COM  Just the other day I mentioned Michael Minetree’s talents.  His site is a new VO search engine.  I forgot to mention his site for talent — and despite the name, you do NOT have to have ISDN to be listed here.  Any and all welcome, and it’s free!  Michael claims it’s doing well, and is generating good traffic.

These sites and more in one days’ BROAD VIEW.  What did you see today?




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