Monday Mashup

by | Mar 31, 2013 | VO Community

httpMy online life is nothing if not itinerant.  A daily search on my browser usually starts with voiceover, audio, marketing, & social media, and can end up at an archaeological dig in Turkey.

For today’s mash-up, though, I’ll keep it in the realm of VO…’cause after all that’s my passion and focus here on Voice-Acting in Vegas.

FIRST:  More evidence supporting last week’s blog about Verizon pulling support for ISDN.  Notices kept popping up all week, but one particularly caught my eye, especially because the author goes beyond the demise of ISDN to predict the end of dial-tone and hard copper-wired telephone service in general.  See

SECOND: SoundByte software puts special effects at your fingertips in old radio-style (virtual) cart machine.  ‘Handles all popular sound file formats, and comes available on iPhone and iPad.

THIRD:  SAG-AFTRA’s one year anniversary is here, and it’s worth a quick read of this article from the Hollywood Reporter the report card for the merged union.  What’s improved, what’s lacking, and what the immediate future holds for SAG-AFTRA.

FOUR: DropVox is another IOS app that records your voice.  I like this app, not because it records your voice in such wonderful high fidelity (it doesn’t), but because it nicely integrates with one of my favorite programs of all time:  Evernote. This app costs $1.99.

FIVE:  IFTTT stands for “IF THIS, THEN THAT”.  I’ve been watching IFTTT for a long time, and blogged about it a couple of years ago.  Visiting again the other day, I was blown away at how it’s grown, and I think this might be something you’d want to take a look at.  IFTTT now integrates with some 60 other networks, including all the expected, like FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Evernote and much much more.  But IFTTT also connects to SoundCloud.  IFTTT is limited only by your imagination.  You can make up your own “recipes”, or use some of those others have already contributed.  For instance, you can use the recipe:  “send me an email anytime someone you follow on SoundCloud posts an audio”.   You can have an SMS message sent to your smartphone whenever a certain hashtag is posted on Twitter (voiceover for instance).  Have Instagram photos sent to your DropBox account…automatically save photos that you upload to Facebook sent to your Google Drive account…it goes on and on and on…




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