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by | Feb 7, 2013 | VO Community

contextYesterday, I wasn’t kidding.

It’s easy to get lost in the InfoNoise.  Sure, there’s plenty of Voice Over content to be found, but voice actors really SHOULD step outside that niche to stay abreast of marketing, social media, technology, cultural trends (and much more) to get the complete picture of the marketplace in which you’re operating.

I am SO easily waylaid off into tangents, so I rely on Google Reader to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Whenever I run across a respectable blog or informational site, I add the site to my reader list.  RSS feeds are by far the fastest way to digest new material.  There are other readers, of course, so find the one that works for you (Yahoo, Feedler, even MS Outlook).

Anyway, here are 5 sites I’ve recently added to my list that just knock my socks off with good information:

SPARKMINUTE   I just love this one!  The geeky author writes the most relevant articles on a wide-range of topics, and throws in a podcast to boot.  Like: “How To Write a Pitch That Journalists Won’t  Laugh At”

THE FUTURE BUZZ   A digital marketing and PR site with amazingly thoughtful, thorough, and well-written articles:  “It’s What You Don’t Do that Defines Your Success”, and “Seriously, Enough With Clichéd  Advice”.

PANDODAILY   Leaning towards Social Media, but ranging into marketing, technology, sales, and you-name-it…PandoDaily is a great place to get a quick sense of some of the latest trending cultural memes.  “Flash Sales are (Still) the Most Scalable E-Commerce Business Model” is a recent article with lots of chutzpah.

QUICK ONLINE TIPS  Along the lines of LifeHacker, QOT hits so many buttons with usable ideas it’s not funny.  “How to Download all your FaceBook Data”… “Fastest Way to Bookmark Web Pages in 2013”

CENTIVES I saved the best till last.  Centives is a blog that focuses on the fun and quirky side of economics… which means just about any topic is fair game.  “When Will the Internet Beat FedEx?”… “Do Corporate Name Changes Work?”… “Piercing The Mystery of In-N-Out Burger”.  See?  It provides great context to our world.

Let me know if you have a favorite we should all hear about by commenting below.




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