2-Fer Tuesday

by | Feb 12, 2013 | Conferences

ZollerAdSize_newVoice Over Virtual is gaining momentum.

The brain-child of VoiceOverXtra’s John Florian… VOV keeps growing, and adding new features, and for an out-of-the-box new idea, it’s got real legs!

To see how it’s all coming together, go to VoiceOverXtra and read about the people and plans for this innovative event coming to voice acting.


New to the team:  Tom Dheere, marketing consultant (nice going!).

Registration will probably open up in March, with the event happening in September.  VO topics include: Voice Acting, VO Business & Marketing, Home Studio, Audiobooks, Working Pro, VO Newcomer.

 Click on the above link will also reveal some of the sterling cast of characters assisting with this event.  Lots going on, and many top coaches and instructors asking to be part!


Google keeps adding value to it’s Hang-Outs.

What’s a Hang-Out?  An online video gathering place for you and anyone else you invite.

You can launch a Hang Out from the top right of your G+ profile page.



Did I mention you can invite 10 other people with a webcam, and all of you can chat at the same time in amazing ease for nothing?   No cost.  Skype charges for something like that.  In addition, in a Google Hangout you can chat on the side, share docs, and even record the session so it can be found later on YouTube.

Inevitably, the success of Google Hang Outs would spawn 3rd-party services that might help you FIND, search, and index HangOuts.  It’s http://www.hangoutslive.com.  Why the need?  “HangoutsLive is the first crowd sourced G+ community calendar that helps you find great live shows by category, tag and even keyword with one simple click. No more wishing there was an easier way post your events. You post your show and it shows up on the calendar”.

More and more voiceover-related events are happening on Google Hangouts.  Hangoutslive.com can help you find the various webinars and online sessions with people and information that will help your business.

There ya go…two blog articles all in one day!




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