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voicesforallJust in the last week, I’ve been approached 3 times by people who want to know how to break into the business of voice-overs.

No wonder it’s such fertile ground for unscrupulous “coaches” promising the world in a weekend “intensive”.

I advise well-intentioned VO novices to read my ADVICE FOR NEWBIES blog..written 3 years ago, but updated and loaded with links…not the least of which is Peter O’Connell’s “Voice Over Entrance Exam

As for references to national schools that I trust to do the right thing with a first-timer…I’m very cautious.  I like Edge Studio a lot.  Of course there’s some well-known individuals like Nancy Wolfson, Marice Tobias, Pat Fraley, MJ Lallo, Deb Munro, Betty Zoller, Elly-Ray Hennessey, and Bob Bergen.

But all-encompassing SCHOOLS that cover a myriad of issues in setting up a voice over business…that’s a short list (and James Alburger’s and Penny Abshire’s Voice-Acting Academy would certainly be on that list)

They have to be trainers, demo-producers, business designers, directors, audio engineers, marketing professionals…available over many weeks and months…have a reasonable pricing structure…dedicated, knowledgeable people, with experience and passion.  It has to be a place with stick-to-it-tiveness…a shop with deep resources and a history.  It’s more than just a coach…it’s a package.  THAT kind of training is really hard to deliver.

Voices For All might just be the real-deal.  I only qualify it with a “might” because I have not actually experienced their course myself.

I do, however, know one of their top trainers:  Mike Elmore.  Mike stopped by here at the TV station a few months back.  We’ve had a great acquaintance ever since.

He approached me about doing a blog about Voices For All…’cause he’s really jazzed about what they offer, and the efficacy of their program.  After talking to him for a while, I realized this might really be the ticket to help some people, so I agreed to do a Skype Video interview with him, and the result is what you see below.

Mike brings a wealth of experience from radio, and other areas of this business into voice-acting…and that explains why he gets a kick out of coaching.  His professional resumé is impressive, and his dedication to VFA is convincing.  If you have friends who are seriously SERIOUS about getting into VO…Voices For All could be a smart investment for them.

Thanks for explaining things, Mike!


Here’s the interview:

MikeElmore talks about Voices For All from Dave Courvoisier on Vimeo.



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  1. Tom Conklin

    Thanks for sharing this Dave. I’m glad you did because Voices For All is actually right in my back yard… about an hour up the road really. I’m in Pittsfield, MA. I’m friends on facebook with Mike… it would be a real kick to check out there operation. There is also another operation you probably know about. Voicecoaches…is in Albany (right near Schenectady). I had a chance to visit David Bourgeois and his staff there a couple of years ago.

    Tom Conklin


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