Studio Suit

by | Jan 14, 2013 | Home studio

studio suitThink of the first, the easiest (and perhaps the best) audio environment you ever made out of available materials in your home or hotel room — like blankets.

Now think of it done professionally with the right design and the best materials.

That’s the Studio Suit.

Dan Lenard — The Home Studio Master — has no idea I’m posting this blog.  He’s a personal friend and fellow Executive Board member on the World-Voices Organization, but he never said a word to me about this product (which BTW, you can buy on his site).  So I’m under no pressure to say things “just to be nice”.

I have not, in fact, tried the Studio Suit…but I believe in Dan.  The guy has an uncanny way of explaining things, and breaking down issues that some people like to THINK are complex, into simple and affordable solutions…especially when it comes to home studios for voice actors.  I have no doubt he’s done his homework on the Studio Suit.

Most of know in our heart of hearts, that this simple hanging-cloth solution works, and is inexpensive.  Dan isn’t throwing any complexity into this tried ‘n’ true idea…he just claims to have found THE perfect fabric to achieve maximum results.

If you don’t yet have a $5k whisper room, or the money to afford the new trendy Studio Bricks from Europe…but you DO have a space or a closet to work from…THIS just might be the ticket.

The Studio Suit.





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