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by | Jan 4, 2013 | Social Media/Networking

facebookI’m back.

‘Was lucky enough to get two weeks off from the TV news job while all 3 daughters were home for the holidays.  On top of that, (as can be seen by the pictures posts earlier this week), we were able to spend some time around the Truckee/Donner area of Tahoe.

But enough of that…

It’s a new year!…with all sorts of new opportunities and possibilities!  {Ahem..uh…I’m not actually that enthusiastic in real life…but I take on this posture, ’cause I know I KNOW January to traditionally be my most downer month…so I try hard to start on a high note, charging out of the gate…’cause if I don’t..it’s only gonna go downhill in a hurry.}

So, in keeping with this trendy, energetic 2013 enthusiasm, let me tell you about a new feature JUST BEING ANNOUNCED in the FaceBook fold:  Voice Recordings available in FaceBook Messenger.

This is an upgrade for both Android and iOS for it’s standalone Messenger app.  The new functionality lets you send a message of up to a minute.

Why worth a mention?  Well, like me, you understand the importance of staying abreast of technological trends that may enhance your voice acting business…while at the same time appreciating the value of social media to that end…right?

FaceBook is still the 800lb Gorilla in this arena, and when they add this sort of feature, one must consider the VO possibilities.  If you can’t get a voice-sample to a prospect in any other way…yes…even the lo-fidelity sample of a FB voice-recording may suffice.

Also ANY feature like this offered by such a hi-profile service adds yet another outlet to your VO toolkit for having your voice heard.  Even casual samples of your voice may catch someone’s ear who has the potential to hire you.

Here are some articles explaining this new FaceBook service that is rolling out TODAY.









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