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demosafeMaybe this notice landed in your mailbox yesterday.  It did mine, and it was from Bob Taylor Productions.

Bob has devised an answer to a question that’s always bothered him.  He states on his new site:  VO DEMO SAFE: “…

Over the many years I’ve been a VO talent, there have been enough times when I’ve needed a good way to present audio to clients for review or approval, without wanting to actually “send them” the audio.  So I decided to create VO DEMO SAFE….”

VO Demo Safe takes care of that, and offers the service for two months free to start out, and then a modest monthly fee after that.

VO Demo Safe:

  • Automatically watermarks your audio (without modifying the track)
  • Allows for password protection assuring your client of security.
  • Provides a downloadable file when you authorize release of audio.

Read more and sign up on the site VO Demo Safe…”a new site for VO talent, from a VO talent”.

Thanks for your innovation, and sharing with us.




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