Resolve To Be Resolute

by | Dec 27, 2012 | Advice

resolutionEmbarrassment is a huge motivator.

It’s behind the fear of public speaking, the shame of failing, and the guilt of broken promises.

For that reason, many have urged the open sharing of goals with friends, acquaintances, and public forums.  The psychology behind this posits that the embarrassment of NOT keeping your word will spurn you on to make good on your public promises.

Bare your soul, and keep your goals.

However, at least one new study shows this is untrue.  A survey showed that subjects stayed on the task of completing their resolutions LONGER if they kept it private, and that publicly announcing their intentions leads to complacency.


The article also offers the following suggestions:
1)  Tackle one resolution at a time
2)  Write down your resolutions
3)  Commit your resolutions to a friend
4)  Have your friends keep you accountable
4)  If you’re serious about making change,
you actually have to MAKE the resolutions.

You are all my friends, so I’m going to tell you about my resolutions (which I will tackle one at a time), and I expect you to hold me accountable.  OK?

Here they are in order of importance:

1) Start landing commercial bookings from my auditions
-redo my commercial demo
-seek specific coaching on booking commercial spots
-upgrade my commercial website
-sign with active agents
-take feedback, criticism, and advice seriously
-put my ego aside

2)  Get better control of my business finances (already in process)

3)  Actively pursue Customer Relationship Management skills
-develop and maintain pertinent mailing lists
-engage in directed follow-up
-monthly newsletter to clients and prospects?

4)  Parlay Social Media skills into more job leads

5)  Ensure the success of WoVO both in numbers and by
winning new allegiances.

6)  Launch new weekly or monthly webinars on Social Media
Tactics for Voice Actors.

There!  That shouldn’t be too hard, huh?  It’s OK, I always bite off more than I can chew, then end up taking on even more unforseen tasks before the year is up that move to a higher priority on the list.

The important thing is that I’m thinking about it, and I have a plan.

Above all, though, for the next few days, I’m going to be spending time with my daughters, who are all with me now, and as a family, we’re going to be taking some personal time at Tahoe with some other friends.  I’ll be scarce, but not entirely off the grid (I never really am).  However, I may not return to regular daily blog posts until sometime after the New Year…or the posts may seem of a more personal  and picturesque nature.

‘Hope you’ll check back for a look-see while you think about your OWN New Year’s resolutions.

Best to you in 2013!




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