Put it Down on the Calendar

by | Dec 13, 2012 | Fun Stuff | 0 comments

calendar-2Your spouse/live-in/significant other/mate/ boy-girlfriend likely has the same problem as my wife does…you’re impossible to buy a gift for this season.

 Grab the link below, and email it to them as a hint.  It’s Erik Sheppard’s 2013 VoiceOver calendar.  There is cheesecake, beefcake, and cheeky good VO fun all around…OH!…and you can see the days of the month too…for all 12 months of the year!


 And it’s not like Erik is gonna get rich on this.  All proceeds from the sale of the calendar go to the Don Lafontaine VO lab in SoCal.

 While you’ve visiting the Voice Talent Productions shop, take a look at some of the other cool swag Shep has there.  Nice work Erik!




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