Death to Dry Mouth

by | Dec 12, 2012 | Techniques


Tonite, I’ll climb into my studio, and once again face the spectre of dry mouth.  Dry mouth equals mouth clicks, and mouth clicks equals a noisy recording.

Long-format narrating can really do it to ya.

Yes, I drink gallons of distilled water every day (I get kidneystones if I don’t).  I’ve also heard about the green apple remedy…the pectin in the fruit helps…but how many apples can I eat during a long narration?  Amy Snively, at FaffCon4 introduced the medically-related glycerin swabs.  They work too, but don’t taste great.

Now, I’m going to try Biotène.  This product has a whole line of solutions for dry mouth…gum, mouthwash, toothpaste, and mouthspray.  I’ve already purchased the mouthwash, and tasted it.  Not great, but if it does the trick in the studio, who cares?

(I just wish I had one of those little porcelain sinks your dentist used to have you spit into…in my studio…heh)

Let me know if you have a better solution that works for you.




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