“VoxStars” Demystified (kinda)

by | Nov 11, 2012 | VO Community

Although voiceover work has been around for decades, there’s never been anything  like the recent interconnectedness of forums, sites, groups, and VO events.  Most of this community building and networking is brought about by the same technology that’s transformed the business in general:  the internet...and more recently, Social Media.

You could argue against the proliferation of similar sites, or the needlessness of duplication, but market forces will temper much of that.  And frankly, the universe of talent, agents, clients, coaches, producers, editors, publishers, and managers is big enough in our business, now, that there’s room enough for new ideas, allegiances, and organizations.

For instance, the UK’s CyberVoices, The Voice Over Bulletin Board, and Julie William’s Voice0ver.com forum all coexist alongside and together with VoiceOverUniverse and the Voice-Over Friends FaceBook Group, and they all seem to be thriving.

World-Voices.org is also actively launching, now, and providing a new and natural framework of technical and business standards to the business of voiceovers.

Voxy Ladies is yet another permutation of personal connections turning into a fun, productive, and relational online endeavour, but also an excellent marketing campaign benefiting the members.

Recently, a notice went out in social media circles about “VoxStars“.  The mention was enticingly cryptic about a “launch date”, which came and went last week.  The organizers are being smart about their “coming-out”.  A little tease goes a long way.

Nonetheless, enough people were asking me what I knew about it, that I thought I’d approach one of the founders to see if I could get some answers.

David  W. Stone seemed happy to oblige.  My questions and his answers are listed below.

Thanks David, and good luck guys!



 Courvoisier: What is VoxStars?

Stone: “The VoxStars” is definitely one of those “things”, that just simply defies explanation & all rational thought.  🙂   Allow me to answer that question by telling you what it’s not… We are not an Agency, nor are we a Management firm. Other than that, we’re just a bunch of guys who are committed to the common good of Voice Actors everywhere!

Courvoisier: Where did you get the name?

Stone: The Name? When I was summering last year, near Lake Como, I was in the garden reading a Latin book of folk tales, and one of the stories, loosely translated, spoke of heavenly voices. I later recalled that story while working on a marketing plan for my personal voice-over site. I actually came up with the name while working on marketing and branding concepts for my personal voice-over business. 

Courvoisier: What inspired VoxStars?

Stone: Hmmm, good question. Years ago, I read an article, (well, most of it) that basically stated, all voice actors should have a blog. I’m not really a blogging kind of guy, but that idea had always stayed tucked away, somewhere in this noggin of mine.  Flash forward a few years… The idea of doing something for the VoiceOver community had not gone away, and I had a few more ideas to tack on to it.  I had gotten to know Brian T Stevenson, and we decided to meet-up at Wondercon in Anaheim, earlier this year. Now, there was a panel of Animation Voice Actors, which included Katie Leigh, Phil Lollar, Mick Wingert, Rob Paulsen and Lisa Biggs. After the session, everybody was kind of hangin’ out in the hallways of the Convention Center, and nonchalantly said to Brian, something to the effect of, “hey, have you ever considered doing a guy’s group of voice actors?”

That, is how & where it began. 

Courvoisier: Who is involved?

Stone: The VoxStars are a diverse collective of “voice guys” and that’s one of the reasons why I love this gig! Currently, in Alphabetical order: Bob Souer, Brian T. Stevenson, Dave DeAndrea, John Grove, Jon Bailey Crumpton, Michael Chaudry, Mick Wingert, Paul Hernandez, Peter K. O’Connell, and Zurek.

 Courvoisier: What are you goals?

Stone: To take over the world… That is so cliché. I prefer the idea of “World Domination” … And, we’ll have a good time doing it!  Of course I’m kidding… (mostly).  One of our goals, among other things, is for The VoxStars brand to become a household name. Well, at least in the homes of Voice Over People, Casting, and Voice Directors.

 Courvoisier: What are any immediate plans?

Stone: Well y’know… Christmas is right around the corner! I mean, not literally around the corner… cuz, that would just be plain silly. Seriously, how could Christmas do that? Like what, it’s sitting on the sidewalk on 33rd Street??

Courvoisier:   …Long-range plans?

Stone: We have long range plans… However, to divulge any information now would not be the most prudent action to take, as we are less than a month into our official existence.   

Courvoisier:   Will others join you?

Stone: Of Course!

Courvoisier:  What need does VoxStars fulfill?

Stone: Extraneously speaking, I don’t believe that it does fill any needs. On the other hand, dig a little deeper into the world of voice-over and, I believe, there, is where you find the need that we fulfill.

 Courvoisier: Where can people find you?

Stone: All People (and other lifeforms) Everywhere, can find us at www.VoxStars.com or to keep up with the latest we’re on Facebook www.facebook.com/TheVoxStars.  And Now We got a Brand Spankin’ New Twitter account!


Courvoisier:  How can anyone help your cause (or do you want help)?

Stone: Only a foolish man would refuse help Dave, and what you are doing right now is a great help, because there have been people asking the question, “What’s The VoxStars??” or “I don’t know what this is”.  Going back (if I may) to your first question Dave, I think the public’s definition and understanding of The VoxStars will evolve over time. “What’s that” you say??  Well, let me say, I’m a business man and I always have something up my sleeve!  I digress… If there are those that feel they have something to share and/or believe they have a way to contribute, or if they just plain ol’ fashioned want to help, I would love to hear from them!

Courvoisier:  Thanks for taking the time to let us know more about VoxStars, Dave!

Stone:  Dave, Thank You! Thank you for inviting The VoxStars to hang-out on your blog for a while!




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