The Niche Itch

by | Nov 2, 2012 | Careers

Certain people can play just about any instrument they get their hands on.  They’re musical prodigies.

Some voice actors I know run the spectrum of possibilities, too.  They can do gaming voices, commercials, e-Learning, audiobooks, promo’s and corporate videos (and probably more).  God love ’em!  The question is…are they a success at them all?  A handful probably are.

The smart bet, though is to focus on your bread ‘n’ butter, and hammer away at improving your talent and marketing in that niche.  That’s not meant to be a limiting statement.  I continue to knock on the doors of many genre’s that I aspire to, or just have a passion for.

Most voice-actors who’ve spent any amount of time trying a roundhouse sample of different possibilities find that for them, one or two niches are:
1) easiest to do
2) bringing the most work
3) paying the bills
4) fulfilling

Work a little while in this business, and you start realizing what that niche is for you.  A niche is a nice thing to have in your hip pocket while you labor away at the more challenging (e.g. better paying) areas of voice-acting.

What’s your niche?

As a generic guide, I found the following links to great articles on the website: Freelance Switch:




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