Pinterest’s new “Secrets” for VO’s

by | Nov 15, 2012 | Social Media/Networking

Online Social Media darling Pinterest recently stepped up their service to include two new features:

1) Secret Boards
2) Business Accounts (just announced yesterday)

This is a natural progression for Pinterest.  Although it’s one of the hottest social network phenoms, it is still playing catch up with especially Facebook in providing more features, and finding ways to monetize that traffic.

Each user will be able to create 3 secret boards with the option to make them public at any time.  Users will not be able to make secret their current public boards, though.  The secret boards can be formed and used from Pinterest apps on  mobile devices, too.

Anyone can create a Secret Board from the Pinterest website. Go  to the bottom of your profile and click “Create a Secret Board”. Alternatively, just click Add+ on the top right-hand corner of Pinterest.  Select ‘Create Board’ and switch the Secret button on.

More on how to use this feature for your VO business, below.

Business accounts are available for individuals and… well… businesses.  Their Business Page offers guides and examples of how this works, and the Pinterest Blog provides a quick overview.  They also offer a site with “best practices” on how to build your business page.  There is a verification process, but no mention of cost (yet).   You’ll get a new verification badge, and there are new buttons and widgets for your business account.Your current account can be converted into a business account.

Why create a Pinterest Business page for your Voice Over business?  Get in on the ground floor of Pinterest’s new big thrust.  This is just the start.  Watch it grow. Basically, the business accounts capitalize on the potential to make money by advertising.  Making relationships with brands allows them to advertise on your site, and you create a buzz around your business.

It took me all of 9 minutes to create a brand new Pinterest Business page, with verification.  There’s a lot of work to do on my page, yet, but I’m jus’ sayin’.  It’s easy.

Now, how to use SECRET BOARDS to boost your VO business:

  • Extend and expand your brand, filling out all the corners of your VO house with the stuff that makes your business unique.
  • Make it a place to meet your clients and show ’em what you got,  You can’t post sound files on Pinterest, but you can post links to your SoundCloud demos.
  • Create a community built around FaffCon Stand-Up groups, or VO MasterMind groups.
  • Store your great ideas, business plans, prospective purchases, evaluation software, or make it your event planner.
  • Store ideas for long-range business planning.
  • cCollaborating with team members on projects, sharing documents, pictures, and ideas.

Let me know if you have any ideas for making Pinterest work better for you “in secret” or as a business site.

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