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by | Nov 19, 2012 | Business-end-of-things | 2 comments

Square broke this idea first, but PayPal has significantly moved forward the idea of a portable credit card reader.

…and what a great idea!  Plug a plastic gizmo in your smartphone’s head-phone jack, slide a credit card through the slot and take payments from credit cards for voice over services completed.  Of course, there’s an app to install first, and some configuration of your account, but you gotta admit it’s a far cry from the old metal CC imprinters (oh, am I  dating myself again?)

PayPal Here builds on Square’s big idea, and puts their considerable market force behind some improvements to the process.

I know what you’re thinking.  What good is a credit card reader, when some of your clients live in another state?  Read on. This is where PayPal’s new/extra features make this worthy of consideration.  Not only that, but PayPal Here works with your iPhone, iPad, or any Android OS tablet or phone.

First of all, the physical reader itself is an improvement’s on Square’s frustrating issue of pivoting mindlessly while you try to swipe the card. PayPal’s card reader has a hinged plastic panel that holds the reader in place against the casing of the phone while you swipe.

On the downside, completing the transaction requires completing choices and option on no fewer than 7 different screens.  But part of the reason is that PayPal offers some nifty choices that Square does not.

For one thing, you can actually take a photo of the card itself if you forgot to bring your blue triangle.  There’s a higher fee associated with that, but that’s pretty handy.

You can also accept physically-written checks by photographing them front and back.

Signing up also gets you the option of a MasterCard Debit card where all your sales land immediately upon receiving payment.  You an use that card to withdraw cash from you PayPal account or make credit card purchases.  And you get 1% c ash back on credit purchases with the card.


Get started, and find more information about PayPal Here.

PayPal Here FAQ’s

And here’s a quick YouTube explainer.



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  1. Jodi Krangle

    Hi Dave! Thanks for this informative article. PayPal is doing something really great with this added option, I agree – but I wanted to let you know that you can get a PayPal Mastercard Debit card, with or without PayPal Here. I have one – and have had one for years. It’s EXTREMELY handy and basically works like a debit card to your PayPal account. It’ll work anywhere that accepts Mastercard. 🙂

    Hope you have a great day! All the best, — Jodi

    • CourVO

      Thanks, Jodi… I know not everyone is a big fan of PayPal. My accountant says it’s a bank, ’cause it talks like a bank and walks like a bank, therefore….

      Regardless, PayPal is everywhere, and this is one of its services that I think has genuine value, given all the extras attached.

      Thanks for the feedback about the Debit Card.


      dave courvoisier


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