Passwords are Passé

by | Nov 23, 2012 | Web/Tech | 2 comments

Like most of you, I use the same password too often on too many sites.

I DO take care to use complicated passwords (combination of upper/lower case, numbers, symbols, and long strings) for my crucially important sites such as financial information.

Luckily I have an almost RainMan-like ability to remember these strings (on the flip side, I’m the world’s WORST at remembering names!).  For all my social networking accounts, and anything else that requires a password, I have 6 or 7 pat password strings that I rotate from time to time, and every once in a while, I’ll introduce a new one.  I change these randomly.

I thought that was pretty good.

It’s not.

This month’s WIRED MAGAZINE article : Kill the Password: Why a String of Characters Can’t Protect Us Anymore has upset my veil of security.

I suggest you take the time to read this excellent article right now.  It should scare you.  It did me.

Luckily, it comes with some common-sense ideas for making things tougher for the bad guys, although, in general, it makes a great case for getting rid of the paradigm of password-use altogether.

Have a great weekend!




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  1. jennifer dixon

    Thank you Dave for this latest article on security. Really scary but at least th ere is some useful info to help do something about maintaining one’s security. Be careful out there!

    • CourVO


      You just can’t be TOO careful anymore with this stuff.

      Thanks for commenting…I’m glad the article made you think.

      Dave Courvoisier


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