NYC Recovers in Time for VO Mixer

by | Nov 4, 2012 | VO Business

(New York, New York 11-5-12)…
Once a tradition is started, it’s hard to stop.  Especially one that is so determined to exceed the previous year’s achievements, and everyone’s current expectations.

Begun in 2008 with the singular vision of New York-based voice talent Erik Sheppard, the Annual New York VoiceOver Mixer is now a fixture on the VO social calendar.

Now in it’s 5th iteration, Sheppard is joined in his planning this year by VoxyLadies, which can only boost the promotional value, and the event itself.

See the official notice of the 5th -annual New Your VoiceOver Mixer, and start making your reservations now.  I’ll not likely be able to attend, but that’s my loss.  These are fun events, and there is little agenda other than mingling with your professional peers and having a heckuva time!

…and don’t worry, the Big Apple should be plenty recovered-enough from Hurricane Sandy to be the wonderful host city it always is.




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