Like an Old Comfy Coat

by | Nov 28, 2012 | Ruminations

In the future, some predict we will “wear” our computers.  They’ll be so compact, lightweight, and user-friendly that it will always be with us (can anyone say “smartphone”?).

I like to think of my voice over studio that way.  Sometimes I feel like I actually “wear” my studio.

I live in Las Vegas, and have not yet configured my 5×5 second-floor closet with passive air flow, so in the Summer, it can get a little “close”.

But in the cooler months, I enter my familiar recording place with the enthusiasm of putting on my most comfortable old coat.  Shouldn’t it be that way?

  • Shouldn’t you feel so at home in your own VO studio that you can’t wait to get in there?
  • Isn’t it a relief to close the door and get to work?
  • Don’t you find yourself wishing that sometimes you were there, instead of doing what you’re doing now?

Lest you think I’m getting a little too obsessive or isolationist, let me just ask you:  Would you rather have it be any other way?   Shouldn’t the place where you do your best creative work be pleasant?  If you have to “work” in your soundbooth…why not make it a place you want to be?

I’m a geek, so my comfy studio is packed with electronics and everything is within reach.  It’s dark (thanks to all the Aurealex), has lots of plug-ins, monitors, shelf space, water, a clock, mics sticking out everywhere, and is my castle!

When I slide onto my stool…I’m home.

How ’bout you?  What do you do to make your studio your old comfortable coat?

Do you wear it well?








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